Superfeet Insoles

It is a common misconception that insoles are only for people with a flatter arch shape or athletes, but if you think that you’re wrong. A good insole can ensure that your feet are kept comfortable, supported and improve the overall fit of your shoes and is essential from everyday use to sporting adventures. Whether you’ve a flat, normal or high arch and you’re a waitress who’ son her feet all day, a regular commuter or a triathlete you can benefit from a good insole like Superfeet. Superfeet have been the industry leaders for over 35 years now, and they show no signs of slowing down. Superfeet draw on their own experience as outdoor lovers, inventors and pediatrists to bring you the very best orthotic structures around. Their collection features something for everyone with an easy to use trim fit design. Here at we are proud to now stock a large range of Superfeet’s popular insoles with something for everyone from the everyday user to professional athletes.