Smartwool Socks

Inspired by their Colorado mountain home, Smartwool are the manufacturer of some pretty special socks, base and mid-layers. Using ethically sourced Merino wool, which they use alongside a blend of specially selected synthetic materials, they create a range of garments that insulate, breathe beautifully and provide unparalleled comfort outdoors. Thanks to the unique properties of merino wool, Smartwool garments are highly odour resistant compared to those made from other materials, as they let water vapour pass unimpeded before it can condense and attract bacteria. They also give unbeatable softness thanks to long, fine wool fibres, that will not itch or irritate. Through special knitting technologies, Smartwool create fabrics that maximise the potential of merino wool, incorporating more wool in areas where the body needs warmth, and less where it runs hot. Smart wool indeed.