Meindl Footwear

Meindl are one of the few remaining boot manufacturers left in Germany, and one of even fewer still who continue to produce handmade boots on German soil, from their factory in Kirchanschring, Bavaria. The Meindl family began in the shoemaking industry in 1683, and founded the Meindl business as it is today in1928, building upon their unbroken heritage in leather footwear to make high quality boots for trekking and alpinism. Obviously the manufacturing process has changed over the decades, the 200 Meindl staff now manning machines to complete the 200+ production stages required to create a single pair of high-quality Meindl boots. However, the ethos behind Meindl products remains the same: to retain the skills of hand making boots, and combine them with product innovation and manufacturing flexibility to create boots of exceptional quality. Meindl shoes are trusted the world over, from the Alps to the Australian Outback, and are a true long-term investment for any outdoor enthusiast thanks to their quality and excellent Meindl aftercare.