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Category Archives: Technology Guides

Warmth Without The Downside

December 3, 2018

Montane and world renowned innovator of synthetic insulation PrimaLoft have teamed together to create two jackets loaded with new ThermoPlume technology, the men’s range, the Icarus and the women’s Phoenix range. PrimaLoft’s ThermoPlume insulation is a ground-breaking innovation in synthetic fill, which provides the looks, comfort and performance of genuine goose down; only free of […]

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Lowe Alpine AirZone Technology

May 9, 2016

For decades now Lowe Alpine has been innovating new technologies and designs to deliver greater performance with their expert range of backpacks; one of which is their AirZone technology which has seen multiple versions become available across a varied range of bags. Today the Lowe Alpine AirZone Technology system has been redesigned for reliable comfort […]

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Yeti Crystal Down

July 15, 2014

As stockists of Yeti Sleeping Bags, including the lightest Sleeping Bag in the world, the Fever Zero, here’s our explanation of what makes Yeti products so special: their incredible down. Yeti use only the finest goose down, which alongside ultralight fabrics and construction methods makes Yeti Sleeping Bags the lightest, most compressible sleeping bags in […]

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Gear Guru: Your Guide to Outdoor Gear

July 10, 2014

The Gear Guru is where we pool all of our knowledge about outdoor gear, from gear buying guides to care instructions, and from kit lists to the most up-to-date technology information. You could view it as a digital gear library, or even as a knowledgable online sales assistant! Whether you’re doing some research before you […]

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Mountain Equipment DOWN CODEX – Ethical Down Sourcing

June 30, 2014


Mountain Equipment launched their DOWN CODEX™ project in 2009, comprising a range of rules and commitments designed to ensure that their down supply chain is ethical, traceable and transparent. Mountain Equipment has throughout its 50 year history committed a great deal of time and effort into ensuring that they consistently obtain the very best qualities of […]

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Sleeping Bag Temperature Explained


When looking at sleeping bag temperature ratings there are two main measures to consider: the EN test results (European standard), and the manufacturer’s minimum temperature rating (assessed by the brand). This page explains both, to help you decide whether or not a particular sleeping bag is both safe and suitable for your intended destination. Contents: […]

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Marmot NanoPro Technology


A couple of very exciting new waterproof technologies by Marmot hit the market for the first time in Spring 2014, both of which we’re very excited to be stocking here at Webtogs. Under the name NanoPro they are a coated technology for the entry-level market, and a Laminated Membrane technology for the ultra-lightweight user. Both […]

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Lowe Alpine Axiom Back System Explained


Axiom, the latest adjustable back system from Lowe Alpine, features on several of their large backpack styles for Spring/Summer 2014, including the Expedition, Cerro Torre, Alpamayo, Kamet and Elbrus series packs. Having tried it out, I can confirm that it’s by far the easiest of it’s kind to adjust that we’ve yet tried here at […]

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Guide to Water Resistant Down


Down is an insulation that does not react well to moisture. When exposed to water, it saturates, clumps together and ceases to insulate, a major problem if you’re out on the hill in bad conditions. To alleviate this problem many outdoor brands have developed down technologies with increased resistance to moisture, enabling them to be […]

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Guide to Down Fill Power Ratings


Fill Power is the universal rating system for goose and duck down, and whilst it’s not the easiest measure to understand straight away, once you get to grips with it, choosing your ideal down sleeping bag or jacket will get an awful lot easier. Fill power is diplayed in the form of a number, which […]

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