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Category Archives: Gear Fitting

How to lace up a Hiking Boot

October 22, 2015

Learning to tie shoe laces is often one of the first skills we are taught as a child and is ingrained in many of us as an automatic process we do on a daily basis, yet often entirely depending on the size and shape of the foot a different lacing technique may be required, especially […]

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Fitting a Backpack

June 30, 2014


These days there are a huge array of back system designs and fits available, which though confusing at first, does mean that the likelihood of you finding one that fits to perfection is pretty high! Before removing the tags from a new backpack, or even in a shop before you’ve purchased, it’s a great idea […]

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Fitting Walking Boots


Arguably the most crucial phase in the walking boot selection process is boot fitting, because only this process can definitively ascertain whether or not a particular boot  is the right size, shape and feel for you. It is possible to pick out boots which are suitable for your needs on paper, as outlined in our […]

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