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Category Archives: Gear Care

Repairing your Waterproof Jacket

March 22, 2018

Your trusty waterproof jacket is an essential for any outdoor activity, meaning your favourite has been through many rigorous walks and hikes. Waterproof jackets are made to combine with your other items of clothing to create a layering system that keeps you warm and dry, but sadly no jacket can last forever. Years of experience […]

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Caring for Leather Walking Boots

June 30, 2014


Leather walking boots need more maintenance than fabric or synthetic ones, so to feel their full benefit it’s important that you take good care of them. Hiking over rough ground, through mud, dust and grass has the effect of wearing away at the surface of the leather, creating weak points until it splits or cracks. […]

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Breaking In Walking Boots


Breaking-in a newly acquired pair of walking boots takes time, so it’s vital that you allow for a breaking-in period before serious use. Here’s the Webtogs guide to how to Break-in your new pair of boots! The start point of any breaking-in process of course, is choosing a pair of boots that are the correct […]

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Reproofing Waterproof Gear

After a certain amount of wear, especially in wet weather, you will find that your waterproof jacket or trousers require reproofing. I have in the past been faced with people looking for waterproof outdoor clothing that does not require reproofing at all. Sadly, no such thing exists (if you want it to be at all […]

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Down Care


Despite the great variety of down jackets we stock at Webtogs, the basics of down care are the same across the range. Firstly it is important to re-iterate that down does not like getting wet! Although most down items feature a DWR (Durable Water-Repellent Finish), which will cause the face fabric to repel water for […]

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