Rab Outdoor Gear

Rab Outdoor Gear

Rab are a British brand focused on using functional designs and high quality fabrics to produce premium gear for mountaineering and polar travel. As a result, the Rab name has become a common sight in the world's most extreme locations for more than three decades, with a real history in manufacturing down products. Rab Carrington originally started making sleeping bags in Patagonia over 30 years ago, the reason being that Customs had held all his gear! As a result, Rab have unparalleled expertise when it comes to sleeping bags and down clothing. This shines through to this day, with their use of high fills and poineering developments such as Rab Hydrophobic Down. A skilled climber, Rab was born from Carrington's passion for the mountains, something that shines through in all their products. Traditionally based in Sheffield, (though manufacturing starts in China) Rab still stuff their down products here in Blighty. Talk to any mountaineer, and they still have images of little old grannies stuffing sleeping bags with just a little extra down - something Rab do not deny! For the discerning mountaineer, Rab products are unusual, well regarded and guaranteed to perform whether you are Hiking, Climbing or Cycling. From the use of eVent fabrics in their jackets to the high quality down they uniquely source themselves, Rab products stand as a testament to British mountaineering.



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