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Ortlieb Drybags

In 1981, while cycling on the south of England, Hartmut Ortlieb found his clothing and bags weren’t designed to protect against the wetter weather and was inspired by the water resistance of the tarpaulin on a passing truck to design a waterproof drybag he could use on future adventures. The first Ortlieb pannier generated enough interest for the company to begin establishing their first product line of 100% waterproof bike panniers using welded seams and roll-top closures that could actually float on water. Today Ortlieb still produce their visionary, now popular bike panniers alongside a collection of backpacks, duffle bags, hydration packs and more all with the same level of waterproof protection and durable constructions so whatever your next outdoor adventure is; at you will find the right Ortlieb Bag to keep all of your gear safe and dry.