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Brasher Footwear

Brasher Footwear

Whether in the mountains of Snowdonia, the Lakeland fells or the glens of Scotland, the boots and shoes you're most likely to see on the feet of the British hillwalking public are those made by Brasher! Brasher shoes and boots have been taken to heart like no other outdoor footwear brand in the UK for one important reason - a serious dedication to comfort.

This dedication stems from its founder and original designer, Chris Brasher, who got totally fed up with trudging around in stiff uncomfortable boots in the 1960's. Originally a runner (he won the 3000 Metre steeplechase in the 1956 Olympics), he understood the importance of flexibility and freedom of movement in footwear. His annoyance reached a peak whilst walking the hills of Wales, and he resolved to design a boot inspired by his experience with trainers. With a lightweight upper, flexible construction and a serious attention to comfort, it bore his name, Brasher.

This ethos continues to this day within the Brasher range, and with over 40 years experience of making boots and shoes, Brasher continue to move forward with leather classics such as the Hillmaster, also diversifying into synthetic boots and travel shoes. Whatever your hillwalking needs, Brasher boots and shoes will ensure your days on the hills and trails are blister free, and your feet more comfortable than ever before.