Women's Outdoor Trousers

Every outdoorswoman knows the importance of a good outdoor trouser. Comfortable, rugged, reliable and breathable. Designed using various weatherproofing and climate-based technologies, the outdoor trouser helps to keep us safe and comfortable on our rambles. Each trouser is specifically tailored to suit a whole realm of outdoor activities, some featuring durable, stretchy fabric constructions, UPF sun protection, and strategically placed, reinforced panelling, designed to provide extra resistance against abrasions. You don’t have to be an avid mountaineer to reap the benefits of a good pair of outdoor trousers, even if you enjoy a light stroll around your local woodland with the dogs, there is still a chance of getting caught in sudden rain, so a quality pair of outdoor trousers are worth investing in.

Browse our wide range of Outdoor Trousers, boasting varied silhouettes and practical features, you are bound to find the perfect pair to suit your style and activity.