Walking & Hiking Gloves

Your hands are important so there's no question really that having all of your digits fully functional while enjoying the outdoors is important. While most Gloves will either sacrifice weather protection for flexibility and precision or vice versa, ours are made by cold weather gear experts like Extremities and The North Face to ensure respite from low temperatures, moisture, yet enabling natural movement are offered to the highest feasible standard. Certain models of these Gloves offer varying key features; some are ultra-lightweight, whilst others have superior grip or greater moisture wicking fabrics. There are plenty of Gloves & Mitts to choose from depending on specific individual needs, plus there are even Gloves compatible with touch screen devices enabling complete versatility no matter the climate conditions. When it comes to the best in outdoor and sporting Gloves & Mitts you'll find the exact pair for you right here at Webtogs.