Hiking & Walking Boots

We have a dazzling array of walking boots on offer here on Webtogs, ranging from lightweight hikers to stiffer, more supportive boots for when the going gets tough. As a result we’re well aware that having a pair of ill-fitting or unsuitable ones is guaranteed to ruin your day. Most cheap walking boots are made along the same lines; an upper designed to encase the foot and protect and support it, a stiffening or shank element giving the boot lateral stability and torsional rigidity, a mid-sole to provide cushioning, and an outsole of lugged rubber which provides grip and protection. Beyond those similarities though, walking boots can vary massively! For this reason we’ve put together this page outlining our range, the brands and the technologies within it, to make it that bit easier for you to decide which one's right for you. We've got one of the best selections of hiking boots you'll find anywhere online here at Webtogs, made by some of the most respected brands in the world. They have all been designed to protect your feet from the negative effects of load-bearing and tough terrain that you're likely to encounter on any multi-day hiking adventure. Most hiking boots are constructed from the same basic components; a supportive leather or fabric upper, a mid-foot shank element providing lateral and torsional stability, a mid-sole to cushion the foot from impacts, and a lugged rubber outsole for providing grip and protection. Beyond that though, hiking boots can vary wildly in terms of fit, cushioning level, style and colour, so be sure to shop around across multiple brands to ascertain precisely what you're looking for in yours! Follow the links above to shop by brand, or carry on down the page to view the latest videos, reviews, products and product features.