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North Face Powdercloud GTX Mens Gloves

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Heatseeker is The North Face’s take on synthetic insulation. Utilizing lots of small diameter polymer fibres, Heatseeker traps air within the insulation, resulting in warmth with minimal bulk.
Touch-Screen Compatible gloves utilise conductive fibres, or fibres coated with conductive materials such as silver, these gloves allow the wearer to operate touch-screen gadgets such as smart phones, tablets and iPods as if not wearing gloves at all.
Fitted with an adjustable Wrist Leash, which can be tightened around the wrist, preventing the loss of a glove or mitten when not being worn. This also enables the wearer to remove their hands from gloves or mittens to rapidly perform intricate tasks, without having to hold them or stow them in a pocket.
Leather is a durable and hardwearing but also an elegant and flexible material. It is a natural product, so it breathes which means it is extremely comfortable footwear. It can be moulded, split, shaped and finished into numerous textures and patterns.
Gore-Tex Pro is the top end Gore-Tex fabric, designed for the most demanding conditions. Available in 2 and 3 layer varieties, Gore-Tex Pro has improved abrasion resistance. Targeted at the outdoor professional, Gore-Tex Pro Shell is the most hard wearing of the Gore fabrics.
Articulated: products which have articulated sleeves or knees simply mean that the construction of a joint has been manufactured to fit the natural ergonomics of your body therefore increasing the range of movement and flexibility.

Product Sizing Chart

Size (Unisex) Glove Palm Circumference (cm) Glove Length (cm) Glove (Inch) Glove Palm Circumference (Inch)
Small 18 - 19 cm 17 - 18 cm 6.5 - 7 inches 7 - 7.5 Inch
Medium 20 - 21 cm 19 - 20 cm 7.5 - 8 inches 8 - 8.5 Inch
Large 22 - 23 cm 21 - 22 cm 8.5 - 9 inches 9 - 9.5 Inch
X Large