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HydraPak Hydrant Tube Kit Reservoir


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Item code: 227862

  • Turn you water bladder into a pressurized hydration system.
  • Use this system to rinse, spray and drink.
  • Easy grip squeeze bulb lets you spray water on damand.
  • Includes a Blaster Bite valve and a Pressure Activated Valve.
  • 36" hydration tube which is easily removed with a quick Plug-N-Play system.
  • A dust cover on the valve keeps it clean.
  • BPA and PVC free.
Hydration Compatible - these are bags and packs that are hydration bladder compatible. They have special outlets and sleeves to allow for a bladder and tube. The shoulder straps also have attachments to secure the tube while moving. Hydration Compatible
Our BPA-Free products contains no BPA whatsoever. Bisphenol A, or BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used in the production of certain plastics since the 1960s. Some research indicates that BPA can seep into food or liquids, with possible negative health effects, particularly in children and unborn babies. BPA-Free labelled products contain no BPA whatsoever. BPA-Free
Made from strong and durable materials. Durable

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