Hiking Gloves

Now that Fall and Winter are upon us, at least one pair and a backup of hiking gloves are a must in your collection of hiking gear. As the cold mist engulfs the mountains and the blizzards pick up, hiking will no longer be enjoyable if your bare skin is exposed. If you’re heading out hiking this Autumn-Winter there is no doubt that you need a pair of technical gloves from our hiking glove selection, which features designs from universally renowned brands like Sealskinz, Rab, Inov8 and The North Face. A technical pair of gloves prioritises insulation, wind resistance, waterproofing, durability and all-around premium quality. Below you shall find everything from pairs that mimic all the beneficial properties of a down jacket but for your hands, to streamline maximum performance gloves made for those hiking adventures where holding onto slippery rocks is a must.