Rab Outdoor Gear

With over 30 years expertise, Rab have used their core value of taking inspiration from the mountains and the friendships they forge along the way, and created honest working gear we’d rather repair than replace here at Webtogs. Rab began creating sleeping bags in a humble Sheffield attic, and have evolved into creating premium hiking clothing and equipment used worldwide for mountaineering. Head to any extreme location and you will spot the Rab logo, with reliable designs and a proud history of creating down products. With a focus on inspiring you to create new friendships and memories, Rab craft every product with care and emotion, whilst integrating technical innovations such as Hydrophobic down for superb insulation, comfort and warmth. Using unrivalled expertise and features, durable designs and comfortable fabrics, Rab’s clothing and accessories will equip you for you next ascent. The Mountain People want to inspire everyone to head on a road trip and trail, with stylish hats, warm jackets and cosy shirts to create apparel you will love. For the discerning mountaineer, Rab products are unusual, well regarded and guaranteed to perform whether you are Hiking, Climbing or Cycling. From the use of eVent fabrics in their jackets to the high quality down they uniquely source themselves, Rab products stand as a testament to British mountaineering.