Lowe Alpine

Over the past half century Lowe Alpine have forged a powerful reputation for themselves as providers of quality, feature-packed rucksacks and outdoor equipment, at competitive prices. It all started in 1967, when the Lowe brothers produced their first rucksacks in their Utah basement, to meet their personal demands as world-beating alpinists and climbers. These marked a break from the norm at the time of stiff and uncomfortable, externally-framed packs, instead featuring such innovations as the world's first internal frame, first adjustable back system, and first side-compression straps to name but a few. Despite passing between multiple owners over the years, Lowe Alpine rucksacks have stayed true to the Lowe brothers' original vision of creating practical, innovative products for use in multiple activities and extreme conditions. Under the ownership of Equip Outdoor Technologies Lowe Alpine has gone from strength to strength. So whether you're backpacking, climbing or even trail running, they've got a great solution to your load-bearing needs.