Deuter Backpacks

Hans Deuter started manufacturing outdoor gear like backpacks, knapsacks and tents at such a level it gained them demand from explorers, adventures and the German military. In 1919 the brand Deuter was born and very quickly expanded into producing different types of bags, luggage and protective canvas as well as their expert Deuter Outdoor Gear, Deuter also equipped several expeditions. The next few decades saw Deuter focus on durable military gear during WWII which enabled them to create better Deuter Backpacks and Deuter Tents as well as expanding into developing the use of new materials resulting in the Deuter Nylon Backpacks, Deuter Perlon Backpacks and their revolutionary Deuter Aircomfort mesh storage system. Deuter are now the leading brands with their Deuter Backpacks, Deuter Rucksacks and Deuter Bags perfect for mountaineering, travelling and traversing tough terrain and you'll find them here at cheap UK prices at It doesn't matter whether you're on a weekend camping trip or traversing a mountain range you still need the same level of superb quality, function and durability from a rucksack to ensure your essentials are safe and secure on your back without compromising any movement or comfort. When you have a brand like Deuter who not only have over a century of history compromising of unsurpassed innovation and design but a reputation for producing unrivalled quality Deuter Rucksacks you know you're in good hands. As not everyone's needs and requirements are the same there are Deuter Bags for different outdoor activities like the Deuter Bike Rucksacks designed for off-road riders who need extra mobility and security to carry their gear, or the Deuter Mountain Rucksacks for larger compartments and added protection.