Camelbak Equipment

Camelbak is the original brand of hands-free hydration system. Initially popular with mountain bike and motocross riders, who valued the ability to drink without having to release their grip on the handlebars, the setup of a pack-mounted water reservoir with a long drinking tube rapidly gained favour will all manner of outdoor athletes. Camelbak hydration systems make it easier to drink little and often, improving hydration without expending valuable time, effort and energy retrieving bottles by hand. Take it from us, once you've used a camelbak water bottle never turn back to traditional drinking bottles! Camelbak now offers hands-free hydration systems for hiking, running, skiing and snowboarding. They also make a great range of conventional bottles, all entirely BPA-free and boasting the same excellent flow rate as Camelbak hydration packs thanks to their non-spill 'Flip, Bite-N-Sip' valve.