Bridgedale Socks

If you ask any group of hillwalkers to name their preferred brand of walking socks the majority of them would come back with the same answer: Bridgedale. Using a combination of the latest machinery, the most forward looking designs and investment in new ways of spinning yarn, Bridgedale set the standard when it comes to looking after your toes and feet. Bridgedale's core technology of WoolFusion combines natural fibres with man made fibres, ensuring that their socks are some of the most comfortable you will ever wear. Design-wise Bridgedale are famous for reinforcing the heel and toe areas to ensure their socks last much longer, as well as providing great cushioning underfoot. So confident are they of their socks' durability that Bridgedale even give a 3-year guarantee as standard. The cherry on the cake is that Bridgedale have an impressive dedication to the environment. Packaging their socks locally, using responsible dies and fabrics, and no longer using water as part of the process, are just some examples of how highly they regard Mother Nature. Bridgedale socks are sold in over 40 countries, so whether you're hiking the Pennine Way or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, they truly are the benchmark for sock durability and comfort, worldwide.