Climbing Equipment

If you are new to the outdoor sport or have plenty of experience it is no surprise premium quality and completely reliable Climbing Equipment is needed for safety and to get the most out of your experiences. At Webtogs we have sourced premier brands that specialise in producing Climbing Gear to make your ascents and descents whether up the side of a mountain or exploring a cave system easier while being secure by being durable, lightweight and functional. Wearable equipment such as Climbing Helmets help protect your head from potential impacts while Climbing Harnesses expertly connect rope systems like our Half Ropes to you with different types applying specifically to sport, wall, caving and canyoning. Other essential Climbing Equipment such as Ascenders, Descenders, Belay Devices, Carabiners and Climbing Slings for secure attachments, braking and making the most effective use of ropes are also featured in our collection.