Survival Bags & Blankets

In climates where the temperatures are extremely cold you may need extra equipment to warm up in a hurry or as an addition to maintain body heat such as Survival Bags & Blankets to prevent risk of damage and illness. At Webtogs we know that safety and well-being is crucial when it comes to the outdoors so the Survival Bags & Blankets you'll find here have been made to the highest standards by premium brands like Life Systems so you can rely on them to not only keep you warm when needed but last through future usage. Our Survival Blankets work by being wrapped around a person to stop colder temperatures from getting to them while not only trapping heat inside but reflecting it back from the skin and outer clothing layers too to maintain temperature for survival. The Survival Bags work in a similar way only with full body coverage instead of wrapping but both are compact and extremely packable for ease of repeated use when required.
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