Thermarest was born in 1971, when three friends recently laid off from the Boeing factory in Seattle, decided to pursue the objective of giving people a better night's sleep outdoors. They achieved this in the most unlikely circumstances, when one of the company directors, Jim Lea, was gardening. Kneeling on a foam mat, he had the inspiration to enclose a foam layer within an airtight fabric outer - the basis of the world's first self-inflating mattress! This revolutionary idea marked the arrival of Thermarest on the outdoor equipment stage. Since then Thermarest have come on leaps and bounds in reducing weight, while increasing warmth and comfort. Introductions to the Thermarest range such as the Trail Lite, Prolite, and Neoair have all been incredible successes in the camping world, providing unparalleled comfort where it would otherwise be impossible. Webtogs stock a fantastic range of Thermarest mats and accessories, including mattresses, sleep systems and stuff sacks. These offer an enormous improvement over the traditional roll mat, and with a variety of sizes and comfort options, there's a good night's sleep here for everyone.