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Exped Fold Dry 4 Pack Drybag

Ultralight Assorted

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Capacity 3.0 L


Größe (Unisex)


1 March 2017

These Exped Ultralight drybags are of excellent quality, very light, thin, but strong, and waterproof (provided that they are kept away from sharp thorns, abrasive rocks etc..). So the best use is within your backpack, to protect items from moisture and to keep certain items "organised" together. My suggestions for usage (on a multi-week hike in Europe) are: Smallest size: use as the lightest possible version of a toiletry bag. Next size up: for waterproof storage of electronic gadgets. Next size up: storage of dirty clothes until convenient to wash. Largest size: storage of clean clothes. I also own an Exped 25 litre "cloudburst 25" waterproof daypack which will protect my sleeping bag inside the bottom of my backpack. The assorted pack of ultralight drybags are in 4 different colours, so it is easy to remember which type of items have been packed in which bag. The bags do not have a grab handle at the bottom, but this saves weight, and in any case the fold-over closure strip forms a convenient grab handle at the top of the bag. To keep out moisture/damp/rain, remember to fold over the closure strip 3 times before closing the clip.

4 December 2016

Wonderful!!! must have product

4 December 2016

Wonderful!!! must have product