Which bum toning trainers are the best?

You’ve seen the latest bum wiggling Reebok EasyTone toning trainers advert on television, but what’s the difference between the top two toning trainers products? Webtogs.com investigates.

Toning trainers designed to tone our legs, backsides and core are on the rise and with a spectacular Spring heralding a scorching summer, toning trainers are already flying off the shelves at Webtogs.com.

But, countless customers are coming to us with the same question: “Which toning trainers are the best?”

It’s a tough one to answer, especially when Reebok EasyTones and Skechers Shape Ups are currently the two best selling toning trainers on the market. We’ll see what happens when the rumoured Nike and New Balance toning trainers emerge in 2011, but right now there are just two toning trainers to choose from.

Both utilise similar technologies, but are engineered to offer slightly different benefits while giving you an extra workout while you walk.

Reebok EasyTone Trainers

the tech
Reebok EasyTone trainers work the leg and glute muscles that bit harder using ‘balance pods’ built in under the heel and forefoot. These are designed to create natural instability when walking in your EasyTones, so that every step encourages toning.

the benefits
28% more muscle activity in the glutes and 10% more in the legs.

the style
Styled like a classic sports trainer, Reebok EasyTones have an instant appeal as part of casual apparel and have a visual association with getting fit and working out.

Skechers Shape Ups

the tech
Skechers Shape Ups feature a dynamic rolling sole in order to mimick the effects of barefoot walking on soft sand. This not only maximises full movement of the foot, resulting in longer activation of supporting muscles in the legs, bum and core, but creates instability and improves posture as the body adapts to prevent a rocking movement.

the benefits
Increased activity in the legs, bum and core muscles as well as an improvement in posture. The exentsive cushioning also offers orthopaedic relief for those suffering from foot injuries, aching joints and similar ailments.

the style
Borrowing the best selling Skechers sneaker styles from down the years, Shape Ups have a broad appeal with a wide range of casual everyday designs.

The Best Toning Trainers

While Skechers Shape Ups are a little more expensive that Reebok EasyTone trainers, as toning trainers they both offer different things. If we can put style preferences aside and focus on the toning trainer technologies and benefits, the Skechers Shape Up trainer comes out on top, offering both an enhancement to muscular exercise as well as pain relief and an improvement in posture. Meanwhile the Reebok EasyTone offers only an increase in toning.

However, for many who are seeking a simple enhancement to their walking exercise will favour the EasyTone for its simplistic approach. Those looking to improve their fitness, well being and posture will be prepared to pay a little more for the added features of Skechers Shape Ups.

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