Top 5 Camping Locations in the UK

Undoubtedly there are more spots to pitch up throughout the United Kingdom than can be listed, and we’re sure that everyone has their favourites and bucket lists, so here at Webtogs Gear Guru we decided to list our Top 5 Camping Locations in the UK. If you happen to be stuck for ideas and want somewhere new to camp and head off hiking during the day our favourites give stunning views, a range of hikes for different abilities and other outdoor activities too.

Snowdonia National Park, Wales

There is a lot to see in Snowdonia National Park with 823 square miles to explore in total of quite varied natural landscape. Around the park there are a few different camp sites you can pitch up at, a couple closer to the north of the area, others towards the South, some near coastline near the Llyn Coast Path, and others dotted throughout the centre. All of these sites offer inspiring views and put you near to the numerable walk, hikes and climbs you can explore from them. There are quite a few peaks to explore, notably Mount Snowdon itself and if you are pushed for time the Snowdonia Sherpa transport service will take you to the six main walking footpaths that are must-see and various villages along the way with less strenuous treks to explore.

New Forest National Park, England

While not the largest of the National Parks throughout the UK, the New Forest National Park has a lot to offer in its 143 miles of possible walking routes. Throughout the New Forest there is an abundance of camping sites to choose from so you can head out on a multi-day hike and usually find somewhere to pitch up for the evening (always try to book ahead), plus there are B&B’s and pubs that offer accommodation as well. The walks and hikes are easy to find even without a guide book (though it certainly helps if you get lost) and while aren’t quite as strenuous as other locations in this top 5 there is plenty to take in as you explore with a wide variety of local flora and fauna, plus a lot of natural heath and ancient woodland to discover.

The Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Camping in the Scottish Highlands is mostly fairly simple as wild camping is permitted widely throughout the area (though check in case you are on private land first), so you can pitch almost practically where you finish trekking for the day. The Highlands are home to quite a diverse landscape, so not only can you find plenty to explore but something for every ability, but taste as well. From woodland and coastal hikes to full-on mountain expeditions if you wish, plus a lot of guidance from the regular walking festivals make this a haven for any outdoor lover.

The Lake District, England

You have plenty of choice for camping throughout the Lakes and even a few options for glamping, ready camps and lodges if you’d rather not risk having to erect and take down your own tent during the inevitable wet weather. Whether located in a spot surrounded by fells and peaks, any of the many lakes and waterways or picturesque woodland you’ll always have a stunning and inspiring view wherever you pitch up. As with all of our other top five camping locations in the UK, the Lake District has an abundance of walking and hiking routes to go on, many crossing the different fells, plus there is Scafell Pike to ascend. There are also watersports to take part in on many of the lakes including the big two; Wastwater and Windermere.

Dorset, England

Undoubtedly one of the UK’s most visited areas for camping and glamping, Dorset has a lot of campsites around to choose from. The entire area is rich with historical sites and rural characteristics with a diverse landscape to explore that includes chalk downs, clay valleys and ridge made from limestone; woodland and the Jurassic Coast takes up a significant portion of its coastline; all providing dramatic scenery. The coast is a Natural World Heritage Site and features some beautiful land forms that includes Durdle Door, and over half or the entire county of Dorset has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and once there you can easily see why.

If you choose one of our Top 5 Camping Location in the UK or prefer somewhere else you have a desire to visit for your next camping trip be sure to prepare and get the appropriate camping and outdoor gear for the adventure.