TKA Technology

TKA – Thermal Kinetic Advancement Fabrics

TKA, an abbreviation of Thermal Kinetic Advancement, are a group of fleece fabrics created by the experts at The North Face. Designed to offer excellent insulation and durability there are four different types of TKA fabric; TKA 100, TKA 200, TKA 300 and TKA Superstretch. Each type of TKA can be used to create different garments for different activities – for example TKA Superstretch features a supportive fit and breathable design that allows it to excel in aerobic activities.

TKA 100
TKA 100 is a lightweight and high performance microfibre fleece with a luxurious finish for comfortable warmth. This lightweight fleece fabric is ideal for use in base layer garments with a superbly warm and comfortable finish. Ideal for expeditions and adventures it still insulates when wet, is wear resistant, launders well and is compressible into a convenient pack size.

TKA 200
TKA 200 is a mid weight fleece designed for use in mid-layer garments. It features a 100% polyester fabric construction for warmth, pill resistance, breathability and wear resistance. Perfect for all of your outdoor adventures and multi-day trips is offers convenient comfort with a good warmth to weight ratio, durability and packable size.

TKA 300
TKA 300 is a mid to heavyweight fleece for unrivalled performance and comfort. It is ideal for use as part of a layering system but performs equally well when worn as a single outer layer. Warm, comfortable, pill resistant and wear resistant TKA 300 is an essential heavy duty fleece fabric for outdoor explorers.

TKA Superstretch
TKA Superstretch is a high performance fleece fabric ideal for high action adventures and aerobic activity. It boasts a four way stretch for breathability and comfort with a brushed inner surface that offers great moisture management. TKA Superstretch is constructed from polyester and spandex to ensure a supportive fit. Ideal for use as part of a layering system or to wear as a lone outer layer – TKA Superstretch is an active lifestyle essential.