Thermoball Technology

An Effective Synthetic Alternative To Down

Developed in partnership Primaloft The North Faces new technology; Primaloft Thermoball is the latest premium quality insulation to hit the market. Designed to be a competitive alternative to traditional down insulation; Thermoball certainly holds it’s own in the ring.

Thermoball insulation offers low weight, compressibility, high loft and warmth for superior insulating performance. Unlike some alternative insulation methods, Thermoball still performs when wet so that even if you get caught out in the rain you can still stay warm and comfortable.
This innovative insulation technology works by using Primaloft synthetic fibre clusters that clump together to imitate the structure of down and trap heat in small air pockets. This ensures that Primaloft Thermoball is just as compressible, just as warm and just as convenient as down.


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