The North Face Sleeping Bag Specifications

As any adventurer knows; a good nights sleep is crucial to your ability to perform as well as enjoy your trip. Here at we know that the size of your sleeping bag can play a huge part in your comfort, so we thought we’d include this handy sizing chart to help you pick out the perfect North Face sleeping bag for you.

The North Face have a huge range of innovative, premium quality sleeping bags created to offer personalised comfort for your adventure. You can choose the temperature range, construction and now, thanks to this chart, you can choose the size of your bag too. When choosing the size of your sleeping bag bare in mind your intended activity to achieve thermal efficiency, and always ensure that your sleeping bag is not too long so as to avoid cold spots and a poor nights sleep!

Whether you’re camping in your back garden with the kids or making your way up a formidable mountain; you can rest easy knowing that you’ve picked the perfect size bag for the adventure.

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