PrimaLoft Technology

PrimaLoft – Superior Synthetic Thermal Insulation

PrimaLoft is a premium thermal insulation technology – offering a competitive and effective synthetic alternative to traditional down insulation. PrimaLoft thermal insulation features four different types of insulation including; PrimaLoft Sport, PrimaLoft One, PrimaLoft Eco and PrimaLoft Infinity.

PrimaLoft Sport
Designed to offer reliable high performance insulation; PrimaLoft Sport uses ultra-fine and multi-diameter fibres to cater to specific performance requirements. The ultra-fine fibres help to keep the insulation water resistant and the multi-diameter fibres aid in building loft. This insures high performance insulation that is water-resistant for multi-sport performance.

PrimaLoft One
The pinnacle of microfibre insulation; PrimaLoft One uses ultra-fine fibres that have been specially treated in a patented process to create an insulating core that is soft, lightweight and water resistant. This insulating technology absorbs three times less water than other competitive insulation methods to ensure warmer performance when wet or dry.

PrimaLoft Eco
Designed to be more eco-friendly than other conventional forms of insulation; PrimaLoft Eco is constructed from a minimum of 50 percent recycled material which is combined with PrimaLoft fibres to create high loft and thermally efficient insulation. This environmentally conscious form of insulation is lightweight, water resistant, soft and earth friendly.

PrimaLoft Infinity
PrimaLoft Infinity is a high loft, high quality and continuous filament form of insulation. Unlike other forms of filament insulation it has 20 percent more compressibility thanks to a fine denier fibre construction. Despite its softer, more compressible and lighter weight design PrimaLoft Infinity also offers superior thermal efficiency, water resistant and durability. Durable and water resistant for extreme weather conditions yet still exceptionally soft and easily packable PrimaLoft Infinity is ideal for expedition garments and accessories.

As you can see PrimaLoft synthetic insulation is superior to its competitors in all of its forms. Here at we are proud to stock a huge collection of products that boast this unrivalled form of synthetic insulation including The North Face Ballard II Mens Boots.