Polartec Technology

Polartec Thermal Fabrics – Unbeatable Performance

Polartec fabrics have been a popular insulation method among outdoor enthusiasts for many years now, and with good reason. They are reliable, exceptionally warm and versatile. Available in a range of variations suited to different uses and requirements they enhance performance; they boast different textures and modifications. Their range includes Polartec Thermal Pro, Polartec Classic Series and Polartec Eco.

Polartec Thermal Pro
The most technically advanced in the range; Polartec Thermal Pro fabrics are available in a variety of unique textures and patterns that enhance performance and aesthetic. Endlessly versatile, Polartec Thermal Pro fabrics are ideal for any number of uses from everyday to expeditions. Warm, comfortable next to the skin, water resistant internal insulating structure and aesthetically pleasing Polartec Thermal Pro fabrics are ideal for use in any garment and sport.

Polartec Classic Series
The Polartec Classic Series is available in lightweight (100), mid-weight (200) or heavyweight (300) fleece for all of your different uses and adventures. Warm, comfortable next to the skin and breathable they are completely versatile. Polartec 100 fleece is commonly used in base layer garments, Polartec 200 is ideal for a mid-weight fleece that can be worn alone and the heaviest Polartec 300 fleece is ideal for providing a superior layer of thermal insulation.

Polartec Eco
Designed to offer all of the comfort, breathability and warmth of other Polartec fabrics but with a more environmentally approach Polartec Eco is a great thermal fabric for the environmentally aware amongst us. Solid colours are constructed from 87 percent recycled content and heather colours are constructed from 65 recycled content for a reduced environmental impact. The recycled material used in Polartec Eco fabrics has been derived from 90 percent postindustrial waste and 10 percent post consumer waste to interrupt the flow of waste to our landfills and create useful products from the waste. Warm, comfortable, breathable and eco-engineered Polartec Eco are high performance and high quality thermal fabrics.

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