Merrell Intercept Review

Merrell Intercept shoes are the ultimate multi-sport trainers from Merrell. But which Merrell Intercept is the best? We put them to the test!

Merrell designed the Intercept to be a versatile multi-sport trainer, following on from their highly successful Chameleon and Continuum ranges. The Merrell Intercept benefits from a number of innovative new features that allow it to adapt to varying walking and running conditions. While it resembles a walking shoe, it features a high traction sole and Air Cushion midsole that softens the step and stabilises traction to help the wearer pick up their pace and ever turn their casual stroll into an energetic hike while easily overcoming obstacles, mud and slippery surfaces.

Despite their sophistication and focus on performance, Merrell Intercept footwear doesn’t detract from looking good and being stylish. Merrell understand that although they have created a versatile multi-sport trainer, it is still a shoe and shoes will always need to be fashionable and comfortable to wear. So to keep feet feeling their best, a breathable leather upper, moisture wicking mesh lining and Ortholite foot bed provides complete comfort whether relaxing or our running.
So with cool comfort, weather resistance, grip and support taken care of, let’s put them to the test.

So which Merrell Intercept is the best?

Merrell Intercept Charcoal
Dark, stylish and versatile for everything from walking to free running, the Merrell Intercept Charcoal offers an exceptionally comfortable fit with its slip lasted construction while the hard wearing leather upper gives a rich lustrous finish. A breathable polyester mesh aegis antimicrobial lining and padded tongue work to wick moisture away from the foot for a fresh, dry feeling. Meanwhile an injection moulded TPU external counter, 4.5mm Ortholite anatomical foot bed, nylon 6.6 injection moulded arch shank and In-Board compression moulded EVA foot frame surround the foot, offering exceptional support from every angle. An Air Cushion midsole promotes a softer feeling in the feet when impacting hard against solid surfaces while the 4.5 mm sole lug depth and Merrell axis sole combine to achieve stability and traction
for a conquering a variety of rough and slippery surface.

Merrell Intercept Chocolate
Featuring a rich brown leather upper, the Merrell Intercept Chocolate is ideal for casual trainers or active sports shoes, thanks to its comfortable slip last, padded tongue and breathable aegis antimicrobial mesh lining. For complete underfoot support, Merrell has combined a an injection moulded TPU external counter and a nylon 6.6 injection moulded arch shank with an In-Board compression moulded EVA foot frame and a 4.5mm Ortholite anatomical foot bed. For a softer feeling with every step and excellent grip, an Air Cushion midsole keeps the wearer light on their feet while a Merrell Axis Sole featuring a 4.5 mm sole lug depth provides stability while walking, running or hiking.

Merrell Intercept Grey
The Grey Merrell Intercept shoe has been styled for the serious sportsman and resembles a running shoe while offering comfort and style, combining a slip last with a TPU external counter, a 4.5mm Ortholite anatomical foot bed, nylon 6.6 injection moulded arch shank and an In-Board compression moulded EVA foot frame for performance enhancing sports support. Meanwhile a breathable and antimicrobial aegis mesh lining rapidly wicks moisture away from the skin and prevents the build up of exercising odours. And for great grip on tarmac or off road, the Air Cushion midsole, sticky rubber Merrell axis sole and4.5 mm sole lug depth create softness and stability across every surface.

Merrell Intercept Mocha
classically styled in Merrell’s colours, the Merrell Intercept Mocha is the perfect fashionable and functional trainer. Whether it’s used for walking, running or just looking good, the Mocha offers confidence inspiring comfort with a snug slip last and light leather upper while a breathable aegis mesh, antimicrobial lining and padded tongue keeps feet feeling fresh. A sort Air Cushion makes every step feel soft while a Merrell axis sole with a 4.5 mm sole lug depth offers great grip. And for complete comfort, Merrell has combined their leading injection moulded TPU external counter, 4.5mm Ortholite anatomical foot bed, nylon 6.6 injection moulded arch shank and In-Board compression moulded EVA foot frame technologies to surround the foot with exceptional support.

Merrell Intercept Moth Brown
Rough and ready for rambling, a Merrell Intercept Moth Brown is for hiking and cross country running, featuring a Vibram Sticky Rubber Sole for superior stability and traction while a Merrell Air Cushion provides a softer step. Its slip last, In-Board compression moulded EVA foot frame Ortholite anatomical foot bed, moulded arch shank and TPU external counter all work to hold and support the foot for unrivalled comfort while a breathable leather upper and moisture wicking Aegis Antimicrobial Mesh Lining prevents overheating and the build up of unpleasant odours, making it a great choice for a hard cross country jog.

Merrell Intercept Gore-Tex Coffee
This premium Merrell Intercept features a Gore-Tex gasket last, waterproof synthetic leather upper and Gore-Tex XCR fabric lining to offer the ultimate in waterproof comfort within and without while promoting a fresh, dry feeling with a breathable padded tongue and moisture wicking Aegis antimicrobial mesh lining. Meanwhile an Ortholite anatomical foot bed, injection moulded arch shank In-Board EVA foot frame and Merrell air cushion midsole provide comfortable support and stability for the foot. Finally a leading Vibram Sticky Rubber Sole provides superior traction and stability, making Merrell Intercept Gore-Tex Coffee shoes ideal for the seriously fashionable cross country runner.

Merrell Intercept Gore-Tex Espresso
The aptly named Merrell Intercept Gore-Tex Espresso is rich in colour and powerful in purpose, utilising Merrell’s leading technologies to provide protection, support and stability. Featuring a Gore-Tex gasket construction, waterproof synthetic leather upper, Gore-Tex XCR lining and an Aegis antimicrobial mesh lining, the Merrell Intercept Gore-Tex Espresso offers premium quality comfort by wicking moisture away from the skin while offering total waterproof protection. Meanwhile, the
Ortholite anatomical foot bed combined with an In-Board EVA foot frame, arch shank and Merrell Air Cushion midsole enhance sports performance and comfort while stability and traction is provided by the Vibram Sticky Rubber Sole.

And the winners are!

Every shoe in the Merrell Intercept range can adapt to any task from looking good to running a full marathon, so it was impossible to pick just 1 winner, especially when they’re all ideally suited to slightly different purposes.

Best Value for Money Merrell Intercept – Merrell Intercept Moth Brown
When you consider that the Merrell Intercept Moth Brown is the same cost as the mocha, grey, chocolate and charcoal while featuring an industry leading Vibram Sticky Rubber Sole for exceptional traction and stability, it’s clear to see the value for money, especially when the Merrell Intercept Gore-Tex shoes which utilise the same technology are £20 more expensive.

Best Performance Merrell Intercept – Merrell Intercept Gore-Tex Coffee
It’s got the looks, it’s got all the top features and exemplifies Merrell’s abilities to create an exceptional sports shoe that’s versatile, comfortable and easy to adapt to virtually any sport.

Best Looking Merrell Intercept – Merrell Intercept Mocha
With its classic Merrell style, the Merrell Intercept Mocha is obviously the most fashionable choice. While it’s light and casual, it’s also technical and stylish, quickly catching the eyes of anyone who walks by.

It seems that there is a Merrell Intercept shoe for everyone from top of the range sports performance to value for money and trend setting fashion.

Of course, the best place to purchase Merrell shoes is at with free UK delivery on orders over £30, free UK returns and free UK next day delivery on orders over £75.

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