Marmot NanoPro Technology

A couple of very exciting new waterproof technologies by Marmot hit the market for the first time in Spring 2014, both of which we’re very excited to be stocking here at Webtogs. Under the name NanoPro they are a coated technology for the entry-level market, and a Laminated Membrane technology for the ultra-lightweight user.

Both variants achieva huge advances in breathability (up to 140%) over their predecessors thanks to their incredibly microporous structures. On this page we explain how the two technologies work, and what they have to offer you!

Marmot NanoPro

NanoPro is Marmot’s new entry-level lightweight waterproof technology, but it’s anything but entry-level in terms of performance. Marmot have heralded NanoPro as their ‘most comfortable waterproof/breathable coating technology ever’, and it offers to open up new levels of breathability and comfort to budget-conscious users. This is thanks to NanoPro having been constructed with 30% smaller micropores than any previous Marmot coated waterproof technology, enabling them to be employed in far greater density across the surface of the PU layer, radically improving breathability whilst having no negative impact on waterproof protection: a real win-win scenario. Below is a 200x magnified view of the NanoPro pore structure, compared to that of Marmot’s previous coated waterproof technology, PreCip. The difference in pore size is clear:

Marmot NanoPro Pore Structure Comparison Vs PreCip

Another advantage of Marmot NanoPro, is that unlike traditional PU-coated waterproof technologies, it is air-permeable. This has been made possible because the tiny pore structure of NanoPro, combined with the ‘Dry Touch’ finish on the inside (for next-to-skin comfort), does not require a protective hydrophilic top layer to protect it against contamination: a component which severely limits breathability in traditional PU-coated waterproof technologies. This allows ‘dynamic air exchange’ to occur within NanoPro, meaning that the rate at which water vapour passes from inside the garment to the outside can accelerate according to demand. To put it simply, the more you move (and sweat), the faster water vapour is removed – making NanoPro the world’s best coated waterproof technology for active pursuits.

The benefits of NanoPro:

  • – It’s the most technologically advanced 2.5-Layer coating on the market
  • – It’s 43% more breathable than Marmot’s previous leading PU-coated technology
  • – It offers Dynamic Air Permeability for exceptional wearer comfort, even during high-activity
  • – It’s great value, with NanoPro jackets starting at an RRP of just £84.99 (for the Precip NanoPro Jacket)

Marmot NanoPro Performance

Marmot NanoPro MemBrain

A step-up again from ‘regular’ NanoPro in terms of performance, NanoPro MemBrain is Marmot’s most lightweight, high-performance waterproof technology. It is, quite simply Marmot’s most comfortable waterproof-breathable technology ever. Like NanoPro, NanoPro MemBrain has a smaller pore-structure than it’s predecessors – only in this case a whopping 200% smaller, at just three microns per pore! This allows for an incredibly dense concentration of micropores, greatly enhancing breathability at no cost to waterproof performance. NanoPro MemBrain is also dynamically air-permeable, making it one of the most comfortable waterproof technologies ever, whether you’re wearing it at rest or going uphill at full tilt.

Improving NanoPro MemBrain’s breathability still further, outer fabrics are now bonded to the membrane in a new process which reduces the quantity of adhesive required for effective bonding. In combination with the fine lightweight fabrics used in NanoPro MemBrain garments and the overall thinness of the 2.5-layer lamination (Dry Touch Layer, Membrane, and Face Fabric), this makes NanoPro MemBrain Marmot’s ‘high-performance choice’ for lightweight waterproof clothing. Below is the NanoPro MemBrain laminate 200x magnified, demonstrating the tiny, dense pore structure, and Dry Touch inner layer for next-to-skin comfort.

A Microscopic 200x view of NanoPro MemBrain

The benefits of NanoPro MemBrain:

  • – The most comfortable 2.5-layer waterproof fabrics ever made by Marmot
  • – Unsurpassed breathability: 140% more breathable than any previous Marmot 2.5-layer laminated technology
  • – ‘Quiet’ to the touch, ultra-light, and supple draping
  • – Excellent value compared with fabrics of similar breathability


Marmot NanoPro MemBrain Header Banner

To sum-up Marmot’s new NanoPro range of waterproof technologies, they have opened up new levels of technical performance to the entry-level and mid-priced waterproof clothing market, providing levels of breathability previously only seen in top-end waterproof fabrics the likes of Gore-Tex and eVent. They’ve achieved this without compromising waterproof protection, making Marmot NanoPro and NanoPro MemBrain unbeatable waterproof technologies in terms of both value and performance. NanoPro technology is undoubtedly the story of the season when it comes to waterproofs in Spring/Summer 2014.