Lowe Alpine Axiom Back System Explained

Axiom, the latest adjustable back system from Lowe Alpine, features on several of their large backpack styles for Spring/Summer 2014, including the Expedition, Cerro Torre, Alpamayo, Kamet and Elbrus series packs. Having tried it out, I can confirm that it’s by far the easiest of it’s kind to adjust that we’ve yet tried here at Webtogs.

What’s more, it can be adjusted freely without having to be removed from the back, valuable when you’re moving fast with a heavy load, and want to combat localised fatigue. In this article we’ll explain how Axiom works and how it can be adjusted, to help you decide if this innovative new backpack technology is right for you.

The Axiom+ Back System, as seen on the Lowe Alpine Cerro Torre Backpack

The Axiom back system is made up of a moulded back panel, which incorporates a padded lumbar region and an internal frame in lightweight sprung steel, for the perfect balance of support and slight flexibility. This makes it ideally suited to carrying heavy loads in backpacks larger than 55 litres in capacity. Sculpted into the Axiom back panel are a number of channels that allow hot air and water vapour to escape, whilst it has been shaped anatomically to feel comfortable and stable against the back. The Axiom back panel is available in two variants; the standard Axiom, and the Axiom+, which has extra ‘Rebound Foam’ in the lumbar pad, to deal with even heavier loads. So far so simple.

Where the Axiom differs from previous back systems, is that the shoulder harness is attached to an internal slider, adjustable via pull-cords on either side of the pack. One of these cords is responsible for locking and unlocking the adjustment mechanism (the right-hand one), whilst the other pull-cord adjusts the shoulder harness up and down (the left-hand one): increasing or decreasing back length as desired. It’s literally as simple as 1, 2, 3 to adjust an Axiom on your back, as the following instructionally diagrams demonstrate:
lowe alpine axiom back system adjustment step 1

lowe alpine axiom back system adjustment step 2

lowe alpine axiom back system adjustment step 3

It really is that simple! Thanks to its simplicity and ease of adjustment on the back, Axiom back systems are incredibly easy to adjust on the move. When hiking up a steep, prolonged slope, you tend to lean forward, elongating the spine and forcing the shoulder straps more harshly against your shoulders. By slightly elongating the back system of the Axion (pull both straps, and allow the adjustment strap to shorten), you can relieve this extra pressure, reducing fatigue to your shoulders and back! When you reach the top of the hill, or start to descend, you’re free to re-adjust the Axiom to fit your upright back length once again.

To summarise the benefits of the Axiom back system, the Axiom provides:

  • Supportive, stable comfort when carrying heavy loads
  • Ease of adjutment on the back, ensuring a comfortable, individual fit every time
  • Fast and simple adjustment on the move to combat localised fatigue.

Now that you’ve read all about Low Alpine’s new Axiom back system, you should be well equipped to decide whether or not an Axiom pack is the right choice for you!