[Innovate] In Thought | In Creation | In Action

[Innovate] In Thought | In Creation | In Action

[Innovate] In Thought | In Creation | In Action

Getting active is part of Osprey‘s philosophy – topics like conservation, diversity, health, community and education are extremely important to them. That’s why Osprey wants to inspire and empower us all to get outdoors and discover adventure.

Today, innovation flows through everything Osprey does, starting with the way they think (In Thought). How the backpacks are designed and produced (In Creation) and how the backpacks support you in your adventures to push the limits of what is possible (In Action).

[Innovate] In Thought

1974 was the birth of Osprey: it all started with a sewing machine, a head full of ideas and a heartfelt desire to design and make innovative backpacks that meet the highest standards. Today, innovation is behind everything Osprey does – and it starts with the mindset.

 “My personal philosophy is that I enjoy life more if I’m surrounded by things that I built myself. I understand my surroundings and I connect better with my environment. It was a love of building product, making things for myself and my friends that got me into this business.”

Mike Pfotenhauer (Founder & Chief Designer)

[Innovate] In Creation

Since day one, Osprey have endeavoured to produce our high-quality products with little impact to the environment. They continuously research, test and implement world-leading technologies and fabrics – and the safest processes – to ensure they create the most durable gear-carrying solutions that tread lightly on the planet.

Responsible production

With a world-class factory code of conduct, Osprey care for the people in their supply chain. Their holistic approach extends to minimising the impact on the planet, and as a founding member of the Climate Action Corps they are working to reduce and offset their carbon footprint.

[Innovate] In Action

At Osprey, In Action doesn’t just refer to the performance of the products or how the backpacks support you on your adventures, but also to environmental projects and initiatives.

Outdoor activism is part of Osprey’s daily work and they work to improve the well-being of its community, its company and the planet through measured action.


Osprey has maintained a long-term partnership with EOCA as a member and sponsor of several initiatives across Europe and worldwide. From clearing man-made structures from mountainous habitats to bird of prey conservation efforts, they are always looking for ways to protect the environments for future generations to enjoy.

Big Mountain Clean Up

Alpinist and brand Amassordor Nimsdai Purja and Osprey are working together on the Big Mounatin Clean Up project. The Nimsdai Foundation’s Big Mountain Clean Up is tackling the issue of increasing expedition waste in the Himalayas, ensuring safety for future climbers and protecting local people from waste polluting the rivers. Together with Osprey and other partners, the Nimsdai Foundation aims to build a programme of full time, seasonal clean up teams on all widely climbed mountains around the globe.

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