HyVent Technology

HyVent; Superior Waterproof Technology

HyVent waterproof and breathable technology has been specifically engineered to offer excellent durability, waterproofing and breathability for multi-purpose use. From outdoor adventures to everyday tasks; HyVent technology has been lab and field tested to ensure maximum performance and premium quality. This innovative and high quality technology works by using a Polyurethane coating consisting of a tri component, multi-layer formula that offers excellent waterproofing, moisture permeability and durability

This superior technology performs in rain, snow and mountainous conditions; ideal for skiing, mountain trekking or everyday life in the harsh winter months. Engineered by the outdoor experts at The North Face, HyVent features several different technologies including; HyVent Alpha, HyVent 2L, HyVent 3L, HyVent DT and HyVent DT EC.

HyVent Alpha
Created for use in the Summit Series; HyVent Alpha features a unique laminate construction for exceptional durability and waterproofing. It is constructed using microporous, hydrophobic lamination technology that maintains performance even in the most harsh conditions. The laminate is constructed from nearly half a million holes per square inch, which allows perspiration to escape the jacket whilst maintaining protection from wet weather keeping you drier, warmer and more comfortable. HyVent Alpha was created for use in the most severe weather conditions making it ideal for mountain adventures and snow sports.

HyVent 2L
HyVent 2L uses a two layer construction to maintain optimal breathability and waterproof protection making it ideal for expeditions and high adrenaline adventures. It features a durable woven outer layer that repels wet weather and protects against abrasion, and a an inner layer with a polyurethane coating and micro-pores that channel water vapour to the outer layer of the garment and away from the skin. Effective in rain and snow for comfortable dryness and warmth; HyVent 2L is ideal for challenging outdoor pursuits such as rock climbing and skiing.

HyVent 3L
Featuring a 3 layer construction for superior moisture management, breathability and durability; HyVent 3L is similar to its 2L counterpart except that the polyurethane coating is utilised in the mid layer rather than the inner. This allows the comfortable inner to channel water vapour out towards the micropores for even better moisture management and next to skin comfort. Robust technology with exceptional performance; HyVent 3L is ideal for mountain exploration and sport.

HyVent DT
This innovative waterproof technology is constructed under the same principle as HyVent 3L but with a reduced thickness third layer. This ensures lightweight, packable protection that is ideal for outdoor adventures where you need maximum protection whilst taking up minimal pack space. This innovative fabric is created by applying a polyurethane coating with a DT print matrix which acts as a dry touch half layer coating, which adds greater durability and comfort by separating the PU coating from the surface of the skin and eliminating the need for a liner.

HyVent DT EC
More environmentally friendly, HyVent DT EC fabric is constructed using natural castor oils from beans rather than petroleum derived materials. This reduces the use of synthetic components by 50 percent compared to other membranes whilst maintaining waterproofing, superior breathability, durability and moisture management. This more eco friendly waterproof fabric is ideal for any number of outdoor adventures from backpacking to rock climbing.

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