Guide to Water Resistant Down

Down is an insulation that does not react well to moisture. When exposed to water, it saturates, clumps together and ceases to insulate, a major problem if you’re out on the hill in bad conditions. To alleviate this problem many outdoor brands have developed down technologies with increased resistance to moisture, enabling them to be worn in more unpredictable conditions where down would otherwise have suffered. On this page we’ve brought together information on the water-resistant down technologies in the Webtogs range.

Rab Hydrophobic Down

All new Rab down products feature a water-repellent down treatment developed in conjunction with the biggest name in outdoor proofing and cleaning: Nikwax. Rab down is of a high quality to begin with, and has naturally impressive water-repellency. The Nikwax treatment enhances this further, ensuring that it absorbs less water, retaining more loft and better warmth as a result. Rab Hydrophobic Down has a faster drying time from damp, and will maintain its qualities even after multiple washes. It is also free of potentially harmful and polluting fluorocarbons.

The North Face ProDown Technology

The North Face water resistant ProDown Technology features exclusively on Summit Series down jackets, and thanks to an exclusive water-resistant treatment, will stay dry 17 times longer than untreated down. It also retains its loft and insulating properties far better when exposed to moisture, whilst adding no further weight or bulk to jackets. The North Face ProDown items give you extra durability and piece of mind in unpredictable conditions. They also give you that bit longer to get your waterproof shell on should the skies open.

A note of caution, unless protected by a waterproof membrane, no down is completely waterproof including the technologies mentioned on this page. As a result we do not recommend wearing water-repellent down items in rain for prolonged periods without the protection of a waterproof shell jacket. Although they will resist water and retain loft for longer periods than untreated down, they will eventually become saturated, and the down will clump (reducing insulating properties). If this happens, consult our Down Care page for details of how to restore a down jacket to it’s puffy, insulating best.