Gore-Tex Technology

Gore-Tex; Waterproof and Breathable Membrane Technology

The introduction of Gore-Tex membrane technology brought a revolution to the world of outdoor gear. Waterproof, windproof and breathable these smart membranes ensure essential moisture and temperature management for all of your outdoor adventures. Within this group of innovative technologies there are several different Gore-Tex membranes – each designed to perform in specific applications so that you can enjoy the comfort of Gore-Tex in every outdoor adventure.

Two Layer Gore-Tex
Designed to offer extended comfort and greater versatility to the wearer; two layer Gore-Tex membranes are created by bonding a Gore-Tex membrane to the outer material for protection and using a separate lining inside for extended comfort. Ideal for any number of multi-sport applications to every day use this is the most versatile type of Gore-Tex construction.

Gore-Tex Pro
Created for wet weather and winter sports Gore-Tex pro is more rugged and durable than simple Gore-Tex membranes. They offer maximum waterproof protection whilst maintaining excellent sweat management and breathability – essential when you’re working hard on a difficult trail.

Three Layer Gore-Tex Pro
The most rugged and durable in the Gore-Tex series; three layer Gore-Tex Pro is designed to perform in the most extreme and unforgiving circumstances. This three layer construction features a special Gore-Tex membrane bonded to a rugged outer material and a robust inner lining which means there is no movement between the three layers. This ensures minimal wear and tear to offer long lasting durability and performance.

Gore-Tex Active
Designed to protect and comfort you during your most taxing expeditions; Gore Tex Active is the breathable membrane for active users. Designed to offer essential sweat and temperature management whilst maintaining waterproof and windproof protection Gore-Tex Active is ideal for your busiest and most active days.

Three Layer Gore-tex Active
Three Layer Gore-Tex Active use a lighter and thinner Gore-Tex membrane with fine denier performance textiles for active performance. Proprietary lamination technology is used to integrate the backer textile directly into the Gore-Tex membrane which ensures supreme breathability and next to skin comfort. Comfortable and the most breathable in the entire series; three layer Gore-Tex Active is essential for all of your high action adventures.

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