Goose Down Fill Technology

Goose Down Fill, For Superior Insulation

The North Face have mastered the art of insulation with their superior Goose Down Fill. Sourcing the highest quality available and implementing rigorous testing for their products they ensure ideal loft, moisture resistance and compressibility is maintained throughout their down insulated range.

As a brand The North Face is synonymous with premium quality, style and reliability. This reputation is continued with their unrivalled quality Goose Down Fill. Put under rigorous testing and carefully sourced they use only the best fill power down, between 550 and 900, which is the highest quality available on the market. Different fill powers are used in different garments to make them better suited for different conditions and uses. For example 900 fill power has the best warmth to weight ratio ideal for mountain expeditions whereas 600 fill power down is the most simple fill power and ideal for day to day use.

By carefully monitoring standards and fill power The North Face are able to ensure that their Goose Down Fill is warm, comfortable, lightweight, high loft and high quality for unrivalled performance. At the moment they use 900 fill power, 800 fill power, 700 fill power and 600 fill power down in their Goose Down Fill products.

Goose Down Fill 900
Goose Down Fill 900 is the highest fill power and the highest quality down that is commercially available. Featuring the best warmth to weight ratio, compressibility and insulation it is ideal for mountainous expeditions where you need to travel light but warm.

Goose Down Fill 800
Featuring a high cluster to feather ratio, Goose Down Fill 800 still offers an excellent warmth to weight ratio, compressibility and loft. Ideal for day trips to the mountain or wintry trails where you dont need as much extreme protection as Goose Down Fill 900 would offer.

Goose Down Fill 700
Ideal for simple and lightweight insulation Goose Down Fill 700 features a median warmth to weight ratio and is versatile for use across a range of temperatures and garments.

Goose Down Fill 600
The lowest fill power in the range, Goose Down Fill 600, is the best suited for day to day use. Simple yet still effective it offers essential insulation and durability for the winter months but it is still comfortably lightweight.

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