Birkenstocks Guide

Need Birkenstocks information? Then read our simple guide to Birkenstock sandals and the essential styles for summer. 

Birkenstocks, or Birkenstock sandals as they’re also known, are the biggest selling sandals in the world. While the Birkenstock brand has its humble beginning set in 18th century Germany, the small family of shoe makers has come a long way, soaring to success in the 1980s after taking their cork/latex foot beds to America where Birkenstock sandals became the recommended shoe for doctors, nurses and professional who spend their entire day on their feet.

Today the Birkenstock brand is recognised purely for its sandals which are worn for fashion as well as comfort and support. But if you have grown tired of cheap flip flops and have never bought a pair of Birkenstocks before, where do you start?

While the entire range of Birkenstocks is mind boggling in its enormity, there are a number of trademark Birkenstock styles of sandal which will suit anyone from hard working professionals to casual dressers whether they’re men or women.

 Birkenstock Arizona
The Arizona is the style of Birkenstock sandal that caught the attention of the American market in the 80s and as such forms the mainstay of their range. The Birkenstock Arizona features a classic two strap style with man made uppers, the cork/latex foot bed that Birkenstock is renowned for as well as and adjustable straps and a shock absorbing EVA sole for a complete combination of coolness, comfortable fit and a soft feeling underfoot while walking. Unlike many of their other flamboyant styles, Birkenstock Arizona sandals are designed for both men and women.

 Birkenstock Madrid
This is Birkenstocks best selling single strap sandal. The Birkenstock Madrid also features an adjustable strap, cork/latex foot bed and shock absorbing EVA sole but with a more feminine style and as such is only suitable for women.

 Birkenstock Gizeh
These elegantly styled Birkenstock sandals are intended for casual or formal attire and are often worn with a dress by many women. Birkenstock Gizeh features a thong style adjustable strap, the comfortable Birkenstock cork/latex foot bed and of course, shock absorbing EVA sole.

All Birkenstock sandals feature the same flexible arch support first developed by Konrad Birkenstock in 1897 as well as man-made leather straps, which gives them a strong appeal to a wide variety of people seeking the finest quality from their footwear.

It’s worth mentioning that because of their worldwide appeal and German origins, Birkenstock shoes are only available in European sizes. This has been universally accepted as part of the brand image and while many men wear Birkenstock sandals, usually the Birkenstock Arizona design, Birkenstocks are incredibly popular amongst women.

Obviously, this can cause come confusion with regards to UK sizes. Generally Birkenstocks are a little bigger than the standard UK shoe, so if your foot size is somewhere in the middle (like 5.5) you’re better off with the small size (in this case a size 5). Many websites don’t display the UK shoe sizes for their Birkenstocks, so to help you find the correct size Birkenstock sandals for your feet, we’ve put together a Birkenstock European to UK shoe size converter.

Women’s Birkenstock Shoe Size Converter

35 EU

2 – 2.5 UK

36 EU

3 – 3.5 UK

37 EU

4 – 4.5 UK

38 EU

5 – 5.5 UK

39 EU

6 – 6.5 UK

40 EU

7 – 7.5 UK

Men’s Birkenstock Shoe Size Converter

41 EU

7 UK

42 EU

8 UK

43 EU

9 UK

44 EU

10 UK

45 EU

11 UK

46 EU

12 UK

And so concludes our short, but essential guide to Birkenstock sandals.

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