Benefits of Walking

Completely free, undoubtedly good for you, and highly simple, the benefits of walking are countless. Often forgotten as a main form of exercise, taking a brisk daily walk on the pavement or nature trail can greatly improve both your physical and mental wellbeing. From burning those lockdown calories to building your stamina for that next big hike, read along as we will outline all of the fantastic benefits of walking below.

1) Mental Benefits

In recent times, we all must find ways of improving our moods and mental wellbeing which can be easily done every day by walking. The physical output of walking not only releases feel-good endorphins into your body that reduce pain, depression and anxiety, but walking has been found to increase creativity by allowing your mind and ideas to flow freely while engaging in a physical activity. Walking in nature specifically has also been found to distract the mind from focusing on negative experiences and decreases anger and hostility.

2) Strengthen Muscles and Joints

Walking directly strengthens and tones your legs and abdominal muscles, improving your general physical fitness and endurance. Walking also increases your range of motion in the lower body which maintains joint mobility and the elasticity of the muscles. Speaking of joints, walking allows more blood, nutrition and oxygen to flow into the joint cartilage which can help alleviate joint pain and strengthens your bone joints further. 

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3) Lose Weight and Improve Circulation

Quick daily walks easily burn calories and increase your metabolism which leads to a loss in body fat and body weight. Surprisingly, regular walking helps improves your response to insulin which leads to helping reduce fat around the midsection. Walking has been found to strengthen the heart and directly reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Walking increases the heart rate and has been found to slow resting heart rate improving general cardiac health.

4) Live Longer

One of the key benefits of walking is that it reduces your risk for disease by improving your immune system and reduces your mortality risk. Staying active through walking regularly can help you generally live longer. Daily walking may also help you begin to develop new healthy behaviours such as following a daily exercise routine to eating and sleeping better which promotes longevity.

5) Connect with Nature

Implementing a regular walking routine also provides you with a chance to reconnect with nature and spend more time outdoors. Discover new trails in your area with a mix of inclines to challenge yourself or take more scenic routes filled with woodland or rivers to appreciate all of the sights, smells and sounds of the great wilderness around you.

Nature picture for walking

Now that you have read through the positive benefits of walking, lace up your most comfortable trainers grab a waterproof layer and head outside to begin improving your mental and physical health by just doing a brisk, short walk. Don’t have the right gear to get started? Head over to our Walking landing page, or if you know what you’re looking for, check out our Walking Shoes and Walking Boots, Footwear Category page, and our Outdoor Clothing range to discover just the right protective, yet comfortable clothing and shoes for you.

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