Benefits of Hill Walking

There is a lot more to walking and hiking amongst hills anywhere in the world than just orienteering and a means of getting exercise as you get to explore the natural wonders on offer and take a break from the daily grind.  Here at Webtogs we love all aspects of the outdoors whether being active or just relaxing for a much needed recharge so we have decided to share some of the key benefits of Walking in the Hills to hopefully inspire you to get up and see what nature has to offer.

Breathtaking vistas and views

You can always find the wonder in the outdoors whether rolling hills all the way to the horizon, an epic mountain range in the distance, untouched woodland, a bubbling stream or many others.  There is always something to see that makes any trek worthwhile and with so many National Parks and iconic peaks across the UK there is plenty of choice and something for every season of the year.

Whatever the weather

If it is windy, overcast, raining or there is even light snow on the ground you can still make the most of the benefits of Hill Walking proving you have the right outdoor gear.  There is a wide range of clothing, footwear and accessories that will keep out the weather and help for secure footing while often being surprisingly lightweight letting you move freely so you can keep exploring and experience treks and trails throughout the seasons.

Relax with a cuppa

One advantage of Hill Walking, or any other type of walking for that matter is that you can always go at your own pace and when ready, find a nice spot for your favourite brew and something to eat if you have packed something to eat and a flask.  There is no need for sports drinks and protein bars like on a long distance run.

A social experience

While some people prefer to be solitary when walking to get completely lost in nature others may prefer to have some company, whether it be friends, family or both.  Everyone can share the experience of nature together and chat as you go unlike other outdoor sports where it can be more competitive or an individual experience like running.

Get plenty of exercise

It is easy to get exercise through Hill Walking, especially if you walk for an average of ten miles or so in a day after working up to it incrementally if new to walking.  Your leg muscles will get plenty of working out, as will your heart plus you can burn through plenty of calories while enjoying exploring and the surrounding flora, fauna and landscapes.

Take a deep breath

The continued fresh air on any walk in the hills is great for helping to clear and focus the mind, plus there are indications that walking in this environment may help with depression, relieve stress and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes so is great for the body and the mind in a manner of ways.

An affordable day out

After the initial layout for suitable outdoor clothing, boots and other gear like a backpack and potentially some camping equipment the majority of hikes and walks throughout the United Kingdom are free, so food, transport and possibly accommodation if you plan to travel a long way away are the only costs you can generally expect.