With the ambition to create the world’s best sleeping bag, Yeti was founded in a Kitchen in East Germany in 1983. Bernd Exner was going on a climb in Romania in Winter and without sufficient gear, with the help of Sabine (also a skilled mountaineer) the pair decided to make it themselves. They continued to make sleeping bags, jackets, vests and gloves for friends and fellow climbers until Yeti Down Sporting Goods was officially launched in 1990. Yeti continues to cater to its roots: down equipment for trekking under extreme conditions, delivering equipment that is durable, breathable and lightweight. The Strato Lightweight Jacket, one of Yeti’s best sellers is recognised as one of the lightest down jackets in the world; testament to their expertise. Renowned for their focus on the environment, Yeti continue to innovate into creating the best quality products whilst creating a sustainable future.