X Bionic have spent the last 12 years redefining the world of functional clothing, and those years have not been wasted. X Bionic now have a huge portfolio of functional and technical clothing designed to allow the athlete to go further towards achieving their goals. To demonstrate: X Bionic have won over 300 international awards and 'best in tests' in the past decade, testament to their quality and technology. Here at Webtogs we are primarily focusing on the baselayer range, as we feel this is an area where technology and innovation can aid everyone in a tangible way. The great thing about X Bionic products is that they are all made with precision by machinists in Italy, and then hand-checked by specialized workers who discard any garments that don't meet high X Bionic standards. X Bionic highlight a common misconception that could unlock the potential that we didn't know existed prior to discovering their products. That is that your body produces sweat to cool you down during exercise, and therefore that all a baselayer must do is wick sweat away to be effective. X Bionic on the other hand have carried out research which found that our bodies operate at their optimum at 37C, therefore it's key to keep the core body temperature at that level. X Bionic have developed a fabric and technology which can hold and regulate your body temperature by naturally holding onto sweat or allowing it do evaporate, depending on whether you're exercising or at rest. There are many X Bionic wonders and achievements to find and behold; however you'll never know until you try a piece of their kit out for yourself. They'll revolutionize the way you view your baselayer.