Vaude was born in 1974 when founder Albrecht von Dewitz turned his love for mountain sports into a company devoted to developing products for the activities he was so passionate about. Fast forward over four decades and Vaude is now at the forefront of high-end mountain apparel and gear production, catering for ski enthusiasts, cyclists, hikers, climbers and more. Aiming to have as little impact on nature and the environment as possible, Vaude only manufactures products that are long-lasting and eco-friendly. From high-quality clothing to premium outdoor equipment and accessories, each product has been meticulously designed to be robust, sustainable and easily repairable, as well as be able to withstand the harsh demands of extreme mountain sports. Designed and manufactured in Germany, Vaude works closely with experts and universities to tackle problems such as climate change and microplastics in the environment, and their collection is now entirely PFC-free.