Teva Sandals and Shoes

For just over two decades, Teva Sandals and Shoes have been popular across the globe due to their innovation in being not only comfortable and supportive but durable, fast drying and retaining performance in wet conditions. The core Teva Sports Sandals that includes the Teva original Universal, Teva Tirra and Teva Toachi Sandals amongst others offer secure fits, keep each step steady and utilise their T.I.D.E. technologies which work together to drain water from the midsole, grip on wet terrain and keep supporting and cushioning to help reduce strain and fatigue while remaining dry. Teva Walking Shoes and Tea Hiking Boots take their expertise and technologies into footwear so you can stay dry, supported and comfortable while exploring what the outdoors has to offer. Teva Footwear here at Webtogs will have you walking throughout the year in confidence with each footstrike and a unique style to match.