Silva Outdoor Gear

Silva is the leading name in outdoor navigation tools, having been founded by dedicated orienteers the Kjellstrom brothers, back in 1946 with their development of the first liquid-filled compass. Silva compasses provide unparalleled levels of accuracy through their combination of liquid dampening and an integrated protractor, which makes the taking of bearings a doddle. These days this classic Silva design is often copied, but seldom matched for its quality and accuracy. Silva offer many different models of compass, with features suited for all levels of use, from beginner right through to the outdoor professional. For here in the UK, where mist and fog are present in the hills and mountains more often than not, a good compass is essential for your safety and enjoyment outdoors. And a Silva compass is as good as they get! In addition to their unbeatable compasses, Silva now offer a great range of other walking and lifestyle accessories, including pedometers, binoculars, spotting scopes, map cases and head torches, all designed and constructed to the same high standard.