It’s true what they say, dogs really are man’s best friend. From the woodland trails to the sandy beaches you can guarantee that your dog is ready and willing to be by your side on all of your outdoor adventures. Founded in 1994, Ruffwear know that you’ll never find a friend as loyal as your dog, so their mission is to provide premium performance equipment to make sure your best friend has the best of fun on their outdoor adventures with you. Over the years they have continued to innovate new pet accessories for man’s best friend including harnesses, leads, collars and water bowls but they have always stayed true to their mission. Safety and comfort are of the highest priority to Ruffwear, they know that your four legged friends are like family and so all of Ruffwear’s accessories are designed to keep them safe and snug on their adventures. Whether you’re a regular runner, weekend walker, avid backpacker or you’re starting to delve into the world of mountain biking Ruffwear provide the gear and the peace of mind for you and man’s best friend to explore the great outdoors!