OverBoard Bags

Ensuring outdoor gear and equipment is safe from factors like moisture and dirt can be a constant battle as discovered by two backpackers in 2006 who years later are responsible for the innovation that led to OverBoard Bags. Keeping sand and water away from electronic devices, clothing and other valuables gave Dan & Joel the founders of Over Board the idea to design and create completely waterproof bags, sacks and smaller packs that perform well so everyone can keep active while utilising the benefits of OverBoard Drybags. As the equipment and belongings we carry out into the outdoors vary in size and volume it often requires varying types of luggage to accommodate them so the Over Board Bags collection here at Webtogs not only includes OverBoard Drybags in a range of sizes but OverBoard Waterproof Backpacks and even Duffel Bags as well to protect all of your gear no matter the weather conditions.