Outdoor Research

The idea behind Outdoor Research originated from the desire to get outdoors. Back in 1981 the late Ron Gregg, both adventurer and scientist decided to devote his life to designing and manufacturing gear that would perform exceptionally well to make every adventure more fun after a problem with a pair of gaiters resulted in a failing to reach a mountain summit. Today the ethos behind Outdoor Research evokes the original desire to explore while aiming to inspire like-minded individuals to get out and challenge themselves in every corner of the Earth, all while providing functional outdoor clothing and gear that compliments every step of the way. An extensive selection of Outdoor Research clothing and accessories for men and women available here at Webtogs.com is ready to keep you comfortable and give protection against the elements all made with the latest technical innovations, premium fabrics and even input from users of OR to meet the ever-changing demands of the wilderness. Outdoor Research also innovate gear such as backpacks and drybags so your equipment can have the same level of reliable protection as you. Get out and explore on the next adventure with Outdoor Research.